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Friday, 23 September 2016

Outfits Of The Week // September 23, 2016

Introducing the "OUTFIT OF THE WEEK" series of my blog, where I will be uploading 7 outfit ideas for each day of the week every FRIDAY starting now. I hope that you enjoy these outfits as much as I enjoy creating them.

All these outfits are created by me on my polyvore account. Feel free to follow me on their website for even more outfits.

Afternoon walk in the city, museum hopping, lunch at a fancy cafe

Early morning bicycle ride, flea market wondering, window shopping in the city


Coffee shop reading, exploring the suburbs, sushi for dinner

Flower picking, tinder date, house decor shopping

Cosmopolitan cocktails in cozy city bar, midnight karaoke, Chinese food for breakfast

Breakfast at a rooftop restaurant, shopping in the city, walk in the park

Dinner for breakfast, grocery shopping, hungover chic

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